Waterproofing in Midtown

Midtown is a real building complex that includes a large capacity car park, residential, corporate and service buildings. The complex covers an area of ​​17,400 m2. The main construction company for the entire project is Gibraltar Joinery & Building Services (JBS). Our company collaborates with JBS in the application of pavement and waterproofing systems since the beginning of the works in 2015.

JBS hires us as an applicator of all the necessary waterproofing systems in the complex, mainly balconies and roofs.

PROPOSED SOLUTIONS: As a solution we propose a waterproofing system based on the Sarnafil TG 66-18 sheet. This sheet is indicated on inverted roofs and integrates perfectly with the rest of the components used. It is manufactured from flexible polyolefins that maintain their properties even at low temperatures. It is very durable, since its plasticizers do not migrate, it is multilayer and incorporates a fiberglass mesh that gives it great dimensional stability. We reinforce the system by adding a Sarnafil G445-13 protection sheet on which the finishing covering will be applied. In the roof, 85 and 100mm thick Sarnatherm G panels were added as insulation depending on the case.


Surface Area: 4,618 m2



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