Waterproofing and sports floor Notre Dame School

Gibraltar Joinery & Building Services Ltd. (JBS) as the main contractor of works for the integral reconstruction of Notre Dame First School in Gibraltar, subcontracted us for several works as the waterproofing of inverted roofs and the construction of sports floors.

The works are included in a Government Plan for the modernization of seven educational centers in Gibraltar. The new buildings are built on the site of old sports courts and playground. Once enabled for its use, the old buildings were demolished, the sports courts and a children’s playground being built instead.

PROPOSED SOLUTIONS: It was required to add to the structural support a combined system of insulation, waterproofing and finishing in sports flooring. This pavement should allow intensive use and also prevent the appearance of injuries to users, which would be comfortable and technically optimal for sports and games.

As a solution we proposed a waterproofing system using the Sarnafil TG 66-18 sheet. This sheet is indicated for inverted roofs and integrates perfectly into the set of components that make up the roof. It is manufactured from flexible polyolefins that maintain their properties even at low temperatures. It is very durable bcause its plasticizers do not migrate, it is multilayer and incorporates a fiberglass mesh that gives it great dimensional stability.

As a sports floor on the waterproofed roof we chose Pulastic Classic 110 for its high performance in comfort, anti-slip and safety. This floor has an optimum degree of slip resistance without excessive friction that can cause kinks. Its elasticity, in addition to being comfortable, protects the user from long-term injuries (repetitive micro-traumas due to impacts on rigid surfaces), something very important especially in children. The Pulastic Classic 110 has very good noise absorption, thermally insulates and is perfectly uniform, which allows for good bouncing and rolling behavior. It also resists fading caused by sunlight and is stable to changes in temperature and humidity. Very important is that it is applied without joints, thus avoiding the appearance of wet spots. Its durability is 20 years. It is cleaned, repaired or repaved very easily.


Surface Area: 2,176 m2



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