Waterproofing and isolation in Aerial

In June 2014, Gibraltar Joinery and Building Services Ltd. (JBS Gibraltar) was awarded the construction contract for 564 homes in the area of ​​Gibraltar known as Aerial Farm. The company contacted us, as we usually collaborate with them in solving various construction problems. In this case we were commissioned for the complete waterproofing of the buildings as well as the floor insulation of all homes. In the case of soils, we apply a totally innovative and unusual solution in housing construction: continuous floor of recycled rubber and epoxy resins.

We were asked for a complete finish for all the areas to be waterproofed in the buildings, including coverage in the cases of inverted roofs. This approach was very interesting, because it was about preventing other trades, by acting on our intervention, damaging the waterproofing.

BALCONIES AND HOUSING DISTRIBUTION CORRIDORS: It was about choosing an inverted system that we had to cover with a flooring. As a waterproofing layer, we proposed a continuous polyurethane membrane of the latest generation: Sikalastic 612, due to its flexibility even at low temperatures, durability, vapor permeability and its ease of application allowing to solve little accessible details.

PATIOS AND COMMON AREAS OF DECK ON PARKING: Like the previous one, the system had to be inverted being covered in this case by a floating flooring. Underneath this one, the sanitary and supply facilities would be distributed. In this case they were much wider and more regular surfaces, so our proposal was a system based on a sheet of flexible polyolefins (FPO): Sarnafil TG 66-18. This sheet is especially suitable for inverted roofs. Its flexibility is optimal even at low temperatures. It is multilayer and incorporates a fiberglass mesh that gives a great dimensional stability. It is also very impact resistant and easily heat sealable. These sheets have a durability exceeding 20 years.

CORNICES, FLIGHTS AND ROOF CORRIDORS: In this case the waterproofing should be seen, so our choice was an FPO sheet system attached to the support: Sarnafil TS 77-18 that adds to the characteristics of the TG-66 its high UV and weather protection in any weather.



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