Sika Decor Nature System in Viewpoint Skywalk Glass

The Skywalk Glass viewpoint is an imposing infrastructure of 30 tons of concrete steel and rock anchored glass. It provides an experience of being suspended in the air before an unforgettable panorama.

It is located in Gibraltar, in Mount Misery (Upper Rock) and it is accessed by St. Michel Road. It has two levels of observation, elevator and an outgoing walkway at 370 m above sea level. This walkway was built with 12 tons of structural glass 40 mm thick. The entire structure was built by the Ales Group in Asturias.

Bovis Koala, principal contractor of the viewpoint construction works, hires SOECO to execute a decorative pavement on one of the viewpoint platforms, In this case, on a reinforced concrete floor with a total of 72 m2. The presence of macaques and the influx of tourists added a plus to the very particular and aggressive working conditions.

PROPOSED SOLUTION: As a decorative and waterproofing solution for this platform we proposed a Sika Decor Nature Microcement System.

The microcement is a modern and innovative material. In addition to its great aesthetic finish it is characterized by high strength, flexibility, waterproof and adhesion, very suitable for applying directly on concrete.



Surface Area: 72 m2


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