Pavement in Parking Ocean Spa Plaza

Ocean Spa Plaza is a 5 star luxury spa hotel located in the Ocean Village Marina. The building is called to be the most iconic in Gibraltar, not only for its design but also for its ecological construction. It is located next to casinos and restaurants, near to the World Trade Center.

The parking is developed on 7 floors plus ground floor and has an area of approximately ​​14,500 m2. Our intervention begins once the structure of the building has been completed.

For the pavements we start from floor slabs or reinforced concrete slabs, elements in charge of supporting and distributing the vehicle traffic loads. Although the reinforced concrete structure is sufficient for these loads, its chemical and abrasion resistance is low. The screeds are especially very absorbent and chemicals such as oils and fuels can penetrate inside and cause the disintegration of concrete.

PROPOSED SOLUTIONS: To build the pavement we chose a Sikafloor-264 System based on epoxy resins. It is a rigid colored pavement highly resistant to abrasion and impact and waterproof. Epoxy systems have high mechanical performance. In parking areas intended for parking spaces the system has a thickness of 2 mm. On ramp and road surfaces of vehicles, the system must be more resistant, so we reach a thickness of 4 mm.


Surface Area: 14,446 m2



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