Pavement construction in public parking

SOECO contracted the construction of the pavement and painting of a large capacity car park. The car park was part of a large urban project that also includes homes, offices and a commercial area in the Campo de Gibraltar. It has capacity for 1,057 vehicles, including buses and minibuses, it has 10 floors with two levels each.
We had to provide a solution for the upper coating of these concrete floors with the following requirements:
1. Resistance to wear caused by the traffic of vehicles on the pavement, resistance to impacts, to point compression loads, to spillage of oils, acids and fuels and non-slip capacity for people or vehicles.
2. Aesthetics: an aesthetic finish with a wide range of color and texture was required.
In addition, we found that the access ramp and part of the second floor were located outside, so the pavement had to provide elastic waterproofing, capable of bridging cracks, resisting U.V. and the movements of contraction and expansion.





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