Pavement construction in Eastern Beach Car Park

Commissioned by Gibraltar Joinery Building Services Ltd. They offer us to build a pavement for the last floor and roof of a public parking in Gibraltar. The system must be tight and resistant to road traffic, having to have a decorative and marked finish. We choose the Sika Car Park Deck system that provides a continuous polyurethane membrane, weatherproof and UV resistant, abrasion resistant, elastic and waterproof. It has also a reduced thickness, so it does not overload the structure.

In total, the surface treated was 5,200 m2 and the procedure was as follows:

The first was the surface sanding and suction of the support, a slab with a fine flouting. Once the support is prepared and the expansion joints are solved using Combiflex System, applied a primer for concrete using a two component Sikafloor 156 epoxy resin. Once dry, apply a coat of 326 Sikafloor trowel to an approximate thickness of 2mm, sprinkle aggregate over fresh and once dry remove the excess aggregate. Then we have sealed with a Sikafloor 357 tread, to end the process with the blank road marking.


Surface Area: 5,200 m2


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