Coatings for soils of rubber resin

In June 2014 Gibraltar Joinery and Building Services Ltd. (JBS) is put into contact with our company because it requires an insulation system under the flooring for housing. Such a system must be flexible and impact resistant, provide sound insulation and in the case of its flooring finish, provide sufficient adhesion. We already had a relationship with JBS, since as a company specialized we have attended to them and other Gibraltarian companies in the solution of different construction problems: Systems for the isolation and protection of foundations, structural reinforcements, waterproofing, etc.

JBS turned out awarded in the contract for the construction of two buildings with 564 homes in (Devil’s Tower Road, Aerial Farm, Gibraltar) for an amount of £ 76,098,315.31. The system chosen would be applied in all homes as an alternative to the usually used: An anti-impact sheet covered with mortar. They wanted a solution that matches or improves its performance and at the same time that it is cheaper.

We think that a continuous floor of recycled rubber could meet the characteristics required. This product is commonly used as pavement in parks for children, but because it was not typified for housing construction, it was necessary obtain the certifications that allowed its use.

Rubber ligand tests were performed recycled and resins in thicknesses of 1 to 4 cm. in addition, to trials in authorized companies:

  • ADHERENCE TEST: Performed by the Technological Institute of the Construction (AIDICO) (ReportadherenciaAIDICO.pdf).
  • ACOUSTIC TEST: Performed by ACUSTEL Acoustic y Telecommunications. (Acoustic Report Acusttel.pdf).
  • ANTI FIRE TEST: Performed by CTF Technical Center of Fire. (ReportclasiffuegoCTF.pdf).

The product obtained resulted in constant shock absorption, its finish porous allows a strong mechanical grip, is flexible and elastic, absorbing movements and also its discharge for continuous application is in cold and allows the job with hand tools to level and regularize the surface.


The result satisfied the customer requirements and objectives. In addition, during the application process we consolidate a specialized work team that adds experience to your training initial. The Gibraltarian authorities themselves studied this application in their future building projects.


Surface Area: 47,875 m2



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