FPO sheets, manufactured using polyolefins, have a high chemical resistance. They lack plasticizers that migrate so they are very durable and stable. They are also suitable for any weather and easily repairable. The average warranty is 20 years.


PVC sheets are very fexible and permeable to water vapor. They are resistant to varied climatic conditions and easily repairable. Heat welding gives waterproofing complete homogeneity and continuity. These sheets have guarantees for around 10 years.


The SikaRoof MTC System provides a continuous, elastic, durable, UV-resistant membrane that maintains its elasticity even at low temperatures. It is obtained from the latest generation MTC polyurethane, which cures driven by moisture.

Just after applying, the membrane shows no adverse reaction to water being resistant to rain within 10 minutes of its application. This means that we can apply it in a wide range of humidity and temperature conditions. It does not release CO2 in contact with water, so there is no risk of bubble formation.


Capillary moisture rises through the foundation in contact with the ground and is transmitted to the walls. Sikamur InjectoCream creates a water repellent barrier, blocking rising moisture.
It is an emulsion based on silanes that is injected into the affected walls. The application is fast, does not require pressure and does not cause efflorescence as it is a product based in silicone.


These pavements have a wide variety of applications: parking, infustrial facilities, offices, homes, hospitals, shops, etc.


Sika Decor Nature is a modern and innovative system to obtain decorative surfaces. In addition to its strength and aesthetic finish it is characterized by its flexibility, impermeability and adhesion, it is very suitable to apply directly on concrete.

Pigmented with dyes of wide range that, in combination with other materials, allows a special finish: smooth, textured, matte or gloss.

The System adds a small thickness of 2-3 mm to the surface on which it is applied, so the interference in dimensions and altimetries is low. Without joints, the appearance is homogeneous and uniform. Very resistant to U.V. rays, it can be applied outdoors.


We apply systems with an optimum degree of slip resistance without excessive friction that could cause kinks. The elasticity, besides being comfortable, protects the athlete from long-term injuries (repetitive microtraumas due to impacts on rigid surfaces), something very important, especially in children in the growth phase.

It also has very good sound absorption, thermally insulates and is perfectly uniform, which allows good bouncing and rolling behaviour. It also resists fading caused by sunlight and they are stable to changes in temperature and humidity.

Very important is that it is applied without joints, thus avoiding wet spots where fungi and moulds may appear.

We are applicators of sports flooring systems of renowned brands such as Sika-Pulastic, Mondo and Gerflor.


Sika ComfortFloor systems are perfect for floor coverings, thanks to their flexibility and finish, provide durability and maximum comfort when walking or standing on them.

They withstand the wear caused by pedestrian traffic and resist punctual wheel loads. The cushioning and softness reduce noise and impact when walking (up to 19 dB reduction). Also its elasticity prevents the appearance of fissures and cracks.

They provide a surface without joints and give off little smell during application. The finish has an excellent decorative quality offering a varied color chart for customization.

Once its service life ends, the system can be rehabilitated without having to remove it, which makes it a sustainable solution by reducing costs and waste.


We build and assemble playgrounds that we pave with rubber granules. This granulate is obtained from recycled rubber that holds with resin bond. Both products do not contain substances dangerous to health and are subject to European safety standards.

This pavement is specially designed to cushion the fall of children so they can play safely without being damaged. It can be built in different thicknesses depending on the height of the fall of the installed game. The difference with rubber tiles is that it has no joints so it has better behavior to temperature changes. It has a wide range of colours and endless designs.

The rough finish gives it non-slip properties and allows water to drain.

The rubber flooring is weatherproof, adapts to any area, allows original and custom designs and is easily repairable. In addition to the pavement, we place all the accessories and games that the park design requires until its complete completion.